Fees policy

Any intervention is preceded by a definition of the envisaged fees

As soon as the case is opened, the client gets a written proposal for an intervention specifying the conditions for invoicing the fees, which enables the amount to be estimated in order to better control the budget. Subject to the client’s acceptance, the intervention proposal is formalized via a fees agreement signed by the firm and the client.

Politique d'honoraires

Several forms of pricing are possible depending on the nature of the file and the client's constraints.

Package fees

Whenever it’s possible and if the scope of the due diligence can be easily predefined, the fees can be fixed at a flat rate in advance, without exceeding them, except in the case of exceptional difficulties the client would be exposed to.

Quotation for estimated fees

When the case allows it and the scope of the due diligence can be easily predefined, the fees can be calculated on the basis of time spent on the basis of an estimated fees quotation, taking into account the degree of difficulty of the case and the deadline desired by the client.

Fees on time-spent basis

When a case involves work that cannot be precisely predefined, fees are calculated on the basis of time spent at an hourly rate communicated prior to any intervention. A detailed statement of the work performed can be obtained at the client's request, as fees are generally invoiced at the end of the month.

Performance fees

Sometimes and as long as our ethical rules allow us to do so, the firm may propose, in addition to a reduced fixed fees, a result fees that provides for the payment to the firm of a portion of the gain obtained.