“Freedom is the right to do whatever the laws permit”
Montesquieu – De l’Esprit des lois (1748)

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A founding value of the firm, LAW IMPACT© has been committed to ecological transition initiatives since its inception.

The name LAW IMPACT not only evokes the importance of integrating the legal parameter in any strategic thinking, but also refers to its verbal name in English. Our DNA: to limit unnecessary costs for the Client as much as possible, to act soberly in terms of operations and to find concrete solutions to ensure high quality legal assistance within reasonable limits.

We advise, among others, energy and technology companies involved in the ecological transition sector on legal issues arising during the design, launch and life of a project.

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LAW IMPACT© is based on an optimized use of material resources for its clients, whether individuals or companies, whether it advises them or assists them in the defence of their interests.

Thanks to a generalist culture of domestic and international private business law, combined with knowledge of public law, we are able to apprehend your problems in their entirety/complexity, identify the expertise required and provide you with appropriate solutions.

Our personalized approach leads to tailor-made work based on a relationship of mutual trust. We are attentive, reactive, even proactive, to assist you in respecting your legal obligations and/or in resolving the legal issues you are facing.

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EverWatt has thus just taken a majority stake in LEVISYS SAS. This technological company based in Troyes (Aube – France) specializes in energy storage using proprietary technology (magnetic levitation flywheel, one of the most efficient in the world) and self-consumption solutions for the home: solar panels and battery storage, in partnership with the Korean company LG, Samsung and the Chinese company BYD. The equipment of the first 12 houses equipped by a major social landlord in Eastern France is a technical (installation in less than two months), financial (between 50 and 70% less electricity bill) and human success with a great adhesion, pride and involvement of the tenants.

The objective of this equity investment is to accelerate the development of LEVISYS in order to making it an aggregator-regulator in the rapidly expanding market for network services and the supply/installation of turnkey self-consumption products with storage.

Targeted legal advisor:  VPG Avocat (Vanina Paoli-Gagin)

Updated on June, 18 2018 at 10:04am
Founded last year, the CheckAndTake geolocation product search engine is changing gears. It receives 1.5 M Euros in its first round. It sees Orkos Capital, Jaïna Capital and individuals invest almost equally, for the occasion. The Parisian uses in particular the received envelope to sign the acquisition of Plyce, a fellow-member born in 2010, which proposes to its users discount coupons in points of sale close to where they are. It absorbs a group of whose its managers were shareholders, but also Jaïna Capital and Kima Ventures – both present since 2010 (cf No. 970) – as well as other private investors. CheckAndTake brings into its fold a group that works in collaboration with 65 French retail chains, such as Pimkie, L’Occitane en Provence, Gap or Celio, and which claims one million users. Through its applications, it provides information about the products available in 5,000 points of sale, operating under the Darty, Castorama and Boulanger brands. Its turnover remains confidential, as does the turnover of its recently acquired perimeter.

Targeted legal advisor: A. Thieffine Avocats (Annabelle Thieffine), VPG Avocat (Vanina Paoli-Gagin)

June 4, 2012 – Les Echos Capital Finance

Competition is fierce in the market for Saas software for e-commerce. While Salesforce spent $2.8bn this summer to buy the web-to-store solutions publisher Demandware, it is now Proximis that is the talk of the town in a second round of €5m. The majority of the funds were raised from three new entrants: Entrepreneur Venture, M Capital Partners and Alsace Capital. The balance comes from the historical shareholders 3T Capital and Naxicap, which had already invested €1 million at the end of 2013. Created in 2008, Proximis has already drawn on this financial manna to strengthen its R&D teams, in view of the imminent release of its new solution for vendors – to date it employs around sixty people. It also finds here the means to finance its international expansion, which began at the end of last year. It is targeting the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States as a priority, and is currently considering opening local offices. Proximis posted revenues of €2.6 million for its 2015 financial year. By 2018, it aims to double the number of clients it serves. This figure has now reached 80 accounts, mainly in the retail sector.

Entrepreneur Venture : Bertrand Folliet, Charles Fossey
M Capital Partners : Karim Oumoussa
Capital Grand Est : Valérie Geiger
3T Capital : Nicolas Tcherdakoff
Naxicap Partners : Antoine Le Masson, Nicolas Sebille
Investor advice:
Financial due diligence:
ASC Consulting (Hugues Lisan, Virginie Vincent) ;
VPG Avocat (Vanina Paoli-Gagin, Gaspard Benilan)
Targeted advisor :
Financial: Ader Finance (Pascal Mercier) ;
Cohen Azan Avocats (Simon Azan).

September 8, 2016 – Les Echos Capital Finance

After having collected 368 K Euros from business angels in March, Les Menus de Jenny is now endowed with 1.5 M Euros. For 1 M Euros, Entrepreneur Venture becomes the largest shareholder in the designer of frozen baby food, with 26% of the shares. The balance is contributed by Risk & Sérénité (265 K Euros), by business angels – including Gonzague de Blignières (100 K Euros), the head of Barclays PE in France – and by the industrialist who manufactures the dishes on a subcontracting basis, whose identity remains confidential. Launched in 2006 by Jenny Carenco – an ex-Bain & Company – the Versailles-based start-up owns the Les Menus Bébé brand. It markets its products on a proprietary e-commerce site, in cyber-markets and in supermarkets and hypermarkets – a channel it wants to develop. With four employees, it is aiming for 450 K Euros in revenues by the end of March 2010.

Investor legal advisor: Vanina Paoli-Gagin

October 19, 2009 – Les Echos Capital Finance

Vanina PAOLI-GAGIN provided the target consultancy for the fundraising of Immunrise Biocontrôle France in September 2019, which develops biocontrol solutions from algae, a natural marine bio-pesticide.

The bio-pesticides are derived from natural extracts or living organisms (microbes, plants, animals). They have many advantages: they are more environmentally friendly than synthetic pesticides and can be used in the context of sustainable or organic agriculture. The aim is to offer bio-control products that are as effective as synthetic pesticides in order to reduce their use in the long term.

“This is a great victory”, said lawyer Patrice Spinosi, who is defending 600 victims with Vanina Paoli Gagin, a member of the Venezuelan association Anauco. “It would be abnormal if these victims could not take legal action against the one who certified the products that were implanted in their bodies and which were obviously defective. “For the victims’ association PIPA, “the decision of the Court of Cassation gives hope to thousands of victims around the world”. “With this scathing disavowal of TÜV’s strategy, the French Supreme Court is paving the way for the world’s largest class action lawsuit. »

October 10, 2018 – AFP

After having self-financed its growth since its creation in Paris in 2011, Temelio opens its capital to accelerate the marketing of its unified customer relationship management solutions. It is leading a €2M increase subscribed to more than 50% by Entrepreneur Venture – the balance being contributed by several business angels in the sector. The young Temelio intends to allocate this amount first of all to strengthen its teams. With around fifteen people currently working for it, it is looking to recruit ten employees with a commercial or technical profile in 2017. These reinforcements will be useful for prospecting customers abroad, in neighboring countries. Temelio already generates a small part of its revenues outside of France and plans to open its first foreign office this year. The young developer will also continue to expand its proprietary data tool. This platform facilitates media targeting, the personalization of websites and advertising messages and the measurement of the impact of digital campaigns.

Entrepreneur Venture : Marouane Bahri, Bertrand Folliet
Investor advice:
Financial due diligence:
2C Finance (Benjamin Bitton) ; Legal: Vanina Paoli-Gagin
Targeted legal advisor: Villechenon (Isabelle Burel-Blasoni)

January 11, 2017 – Les Echos Capital Finance

Little Fashion Gallery, is an e-merchant dedicated to the world of children and youth, and has just completed its second round. Without revealing its size, it delivers 80% of its capital to the new entrant, Jaïna Capital, while the historical shareholder EPI (the holding company managed by Christopher Descours) does not bring its ecot. Founded in 2006 by Marie Soudré-Richard, the web-merchant recorded a turnover of 2 M Euros in 2011, 50% of which is generated outside France. Its two electronic concept stores, LittleFashionGallery.com and MediumFashionGallery.com, offer more than 200 brands of clothing, toys, books, small furniture and decorative objects. Based in Paris, where it employs ten people, the retailer wants to take advantage of its new resources to expand its communication, strengthen its marketing and develop its international presence, with a strong involvement of its new shareholder in the management of the company. Satisfied with its first majority experience with LentillesMoinsCheres.com – whose turnover has doubled since Jaïna Capital took control (see n° 1012) -, its new shareholder has indeed decided to change its investment strategy and to leverage more and more on the entrepreneurial experience of its managers.

Jaïna Capital : Marie-Christine Levet
Investor advice:
Accounting and financial due diligence:
 Batt & Associés (Olivier Batt) ; 
Legal: Annabelle Thieffine, Vanina Paoli-Gagin
Legal advice company: Berthezène Nevouet Rivet (Julien Berthezène)

January 23, 2012 – Les Echos Capital Finance